Scotty Von Blazin

Lead Vocalist / Guitarist / songwriter

Born on January 3, 1974, in Elgin, IL, Von Blazin grew up in the northwest suburb Crystal Lake, IL. There he attended Crystal Lake Central High School, Von Blazin was much more interested in music and the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle than anything they were teaching in school. During this time, Von Blazin became more and more engrossed in the resurgence of hard rock that would later define the 1980s Los Angeles sound: It was a cool scene. 

Singing in several bands throughout his career, Von Blazin cut his teeth in the local bars of Chicagoland at the age of 26. He developed his style and sound starting out in a local alternative rock band called Agent 86. During his time with them, they grew into a moderately successful working band around the Chicagoland music scene. After opening for another popular area cover band called Core, Von Blazin moved on from Agent 86 and joined Core, who's singer had just quit to join a touring band. It was during his time with Core that he met some of his future bandmates, which would really take his musical aspirations to the next level. 

After a few years with Core, he was approached by some former members of another popular 80's hairband tribute called The Lounge Puppets. They had recently left that band and were interested in forming a new band called 80's Proof. After about a year of rehearsing and putting together that show, 80's Proof was launched and again had some decent success in the scene, but left Scotty wanting more.

In late 2007, he was approached by a couple former members of his old band, Core and asked to fill in on a show with their band called Hairbanger's Ball. That show was the opportunity to shine; performing all the music he loved and grew up idolizing in front of some very large audiences. Hairbanger's Ball was one of the, and still is one of the top-drawing 80's Hairband Tributes in the midwestern United States, based out of Chicago, IL. After several years fronting Hairbanger's Ball, In late 2011, Scotty left that group due to family obligations which didn't mix well with their rigorous touring schedule. 

Still not satisfied to end his musical aspirations there, he was approached by his current bandmate and guitarist, Fret Michaels and asked to join Rockford, IL-based 80's Hairband Tribute, Sunset Strip. Nearly 8 years later, Von Blazin is still tearing up the Midwest with Sunset Strip!